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Co-founded by industry veterans Brad Adelmann & Tim Feher and backed by Luxion, makers of KeyShot, KeyShot Studios is the premier resource for firms looking to augment or out-source their existing visualization needs. From concept renderings to final marketing shots, KeyShot Studios is the ideal choice for clients that need stunning images & animations on tight deadlines.

Services include:

  • Concept images and animations of new products
  • Marketing images for automotive / large products too expensive to photograph
  • “Beyond real” imagery to show products in an aspirational context
  • Product configurators to show different asset variations and materials
  • Cutaway or exploded view images to show product assemblies
  • Web-store or catalog imagery for a family of products


Meet The Team

Tim Feher

Tim represents the point where technical and creative visual content converge. Throughout his many successful years of working with both technical illustration and creative computer-generated imagery (CGI), Tim has left his mark on the automotive sales and marketing landscape. His work, having appeared on all media channels for the automotive sector, is evidence of his fervor for elevating creative expression and for using CGI to push the boundaries of photorealism.
Tim’s vast experience in creating, monitoring, and conceptualizing digital assets was a perfect and comprehensive antecedent to his most recent role as Creative Director. From creating images and animations for national television spots to monitoring the quality of creative output from among his team, Tim has had direct, firsthand involvement in all aspects of team alignment, content development, and image production within a Creative Department.
Tim has recently brought his 20+ years of industry experience to KeyShot Studios as Director of Creative Services, providing custom services to firms looking to augment or outsource their current visualization needs.

Brad Adelmann

Starting out as a professional photographer, Brad Adelmann mastered rendering, animation and motion graphics in short order, realizing that CG would soon take over the marketing world. As one of the initial Visualization Designers at Armstrong-White, Brad brought his photographers eye to 3D product renderings by harnessing the power and ease of use of KeyShot throughout his creative process, driving CG adoption across the company. Brad has recently teamed up with industry veteran Tim Feher to lead KeyShot Studios as Director of Creative Services, providing custom services to firms looking to augment or out source their existing visualization needs.

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